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Dodgers: Hong-Chih Kuo

Hong-Chih Kuo, whose career should have ended long ago with one of his many surgeries, has been spellbinding this year. Overall, he has a 1.16 ERA, striking out 29 in 23 1/3 innings while allowing only nine hits and seven walks. And as June heads into July, Kuo still hasn't allowed a hit to a left-handed batter all season. They are 0-for-25 against him with 12 strikeouts. (Kuo has allowed a whopping .224 on-base percentage to righties.) Besides the fact that he's a great story, besides the fact that Kuo would sincerely help in a "This Time It Counts" All-Star scenario, there's just this: He is practically unhittable. And this isn't new. Since 2008, Kuo has a 2.16 ERA and 157 strikeouts in 133 innings while allowing 90 hits. The rest of the Dodgers bullpen might be spotty, but like Broxton, Kuo belongs among the NL's All-Star relief corps.

現在越來越多聲音, 在幫小小郭宣傳, 包括Torre, 希望推他進明星賽了!

他的表現當然是over-qualified!  但大家不要期待太高... 中繼投手要進明星賽, 機會真的不高! 不管你成績有多好...

小小郭當然有進去的可能性!  但大家期待不要太高了...

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