前洋基隨隊記者, 現任紅襪隊隨隊記者, 曾經幫王建民出書的Peter Abraham, 在他的Twitter率先說王建民已經決定加盟華盛頓國民隊!

細節還不清楚... 如果消息證明屬實, 會再寫一篇"心得報告"!


ESPN's Buster Olney:

Chien-Ming Wang will make his choice on his next team in the next 7-10 days. No decision has been made, sources say.

Olney說還沒做決定, 還要7-10天...

到底誰說的是真的?  應該明天就知道了...

updating update:

Though the Nationals are involved in serious discussions with Chien-Ming Wang, they're not yet close to finalizing a deal with the free-agent right-hander.

Pete Abraham of the Boston Globe reported on Twitter this morning that the two sides were "close" to an agreement, but a club source said that report was premature. The Nats remain a strong contender to land Wang, but hurdles still remain before a deal would be completed, and it may be days before anything gets done.

還沒有簽約..... 還有問題沒解決......

雖然還沒有, 不過看起來好像真的不是空穴來風!

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