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整篇不翻了...  因為會翻譯的滿紙心酸淚...  


Manager Joe Torre said Kuo has been unable to find one consistent release point, and changing release points results in no command. Torre said Kuo changes release points to compensate for discomfort. As Kuo told Torre: "There's always something there."

Torre說小小郭找不到一致的放球點... 改變放球點導致控球不見了... Torre說小小郭改變放球點, 是為了減輕疼痛...  就像小小郭告訴Torre的: "那邊(手肘)好像總是有點狀況"...

Kuo said nobody's mentioned a fifth elbow operation to cure his problems, and they shouldn't waste their time if he needs one.

"I'm not having another operation," he said, meaning he'll retire before going through another year-long recovery.

小小郭說沒有人提到要動第5次手術, 大家也不要浪費時間討論要不要再動一次手術...

他說: "我不會再動一次手術了"...  暗示如果要再動手術+復健, 他會退休...

For now, said Kuo, he's hoping an ongoing rehab program restores arm strength so he can find that release point and regain his command.

"I can play catch," he said. "It's a little tender. It just needs time to get stronger."

現在, 郭說他希望復建計畫能重建手臂的力量, 然後他能找到放球點及恢復控球.

他說: "我可以傳接球. 現在手臂需要時間來變的強壯點"...

Kuo..... said he hasn't given up.

"Not yet," he said.


"I'm not getting down," he said. "I think I'll be able to pitch again."


他說: "還沒"...  "我還沒有灰心. 我認為我還能再繼續投球"!

good: 小小郭還沒放棄!

bad:  今年如果會回來, 應該是下半季的事了...  如果會回來的話...

小小郭去年的表現, 讓大家看到令人驚豔的實力!  我說過好幾次: 我永遠無法忘記他去年NLCS第四戰, 對費城人Rollins(斷棒), Werth(3球K掉), Utley(3球K掉)那連續3打席, 經典的連續7球, 令人血脈賁張的表現!

但我一直擔心:  小小郭會不會是一顆彗星 -- 閃亮的時候耀眼異常! 但稍縱即逝.....

難道真的會變成... 我們只能夠看到王建民在大聯盟長期的投球嗎?

現在只能說: "台灣勇士 + 豪情左腕 = 郭泓志" -- 加油!!!
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  • It's really sad.  Kuo has such talent and has to be wasted.
    Really hope he can be back on the field.