有關郭泓志傷勢, 今天總算有個比較明確的說法了



…..  Conte said another operation is not planned. Arthritic change after that many injuries is inevitable and he described the latest episode as "wear and tear" that requires rest and rehabilitation.


Conte (道奇的首席訓練員)說並沒有為小小郭準備另一次手術. 關節()的變化, 在經過這麼多次傷勢後, 是無可避免的. 他說這次的傷勢是一般的磨損, 只需要休息跟復健.


"It's degenerative change," Conte said. "It flares up for no reason. We've known about it all along. We know exactly what it is. He could pitch with it, but there's no sense to go out with more discomfort. There's not an outing where we didn't worry about it. He's done tremendously well with it. He's gone through a lot. It's best for him to rest. He has a resume full of MRIs. There's no plan for an injection. Hopefully it won't be too long."


Conte: "這是慢慢退化的變化. 通常沒什麼理由的發生. 我們一直都知道會有這種狀況, 我們完全知道是什麼問題. 郭可以繼續帶著這個傷投球, 但現在沒有道理這樣做而讓他更不舒服. 他沒有哪一場出賽我們會不擔心的, 但他在這種狀況之下表現得非常好. 他經歷過太多了現在最好就是讓他休息. 他做過無數次的MRI(磁共振檢查), 我們也不打算幫他打(止痛), 希望休養的時間不會太久.”


That is the hope. Of course, the club has known for years that Kuo, more than any Dodgers pitcher in recent history, is one pitch away from catastrophe. Conte said few appreciate Kuo's bravery.


但還是有希望. 當然, 球團對郭泓志相當的熟悉 比近年來任何道奇的投手都熟悉 - 知道他任何一球都可能是最後的一球. Conte說很少人知道小小郭有多勇敢!


"People don't know how tough he is," Conte said. "What he's been through, coming in at 11 in the morning to pitch an inning. This guy is a pretty incredible person to go through that. It's our responsibility from doing too much. He'd go out with two bloody stumps. I wouldn't expect him to be out a long time, but I can't tell a timetable.”


Conte: "人們不知道他有多堅強. 從他所經歷過的, 以及為了投一局, 每天早上11點就來準備. 這個小孩經歷過那麼多, 相當的不可思議! 我們的責任是不對他要求做太多, 不然他會帶著傷勢硬撐著出場. 我不預期他會休息太久, 但我不能給你時間表.”




最後一段事實上整段文章, 讓人聽的真的不知道該是感動, 還是為郭泓志一掬同情淚


就幫他鼓掌, 以及繼續支持他吧! 也繼續為他祈禱希望這次的傷勢, 真的只是一點點的"wear and tear"…




加油!  郭泓志!

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