再貼最後一篇, 有關王建民struggle的文章. 各方的意見都有, 很多部分是一樣的; 有些許會有不同意見. 洋基的教練團當然也會有自己的想法跟做法.

這位是一位署名Randy的美國網友, 自稱是王建民sinker啟蒙恩師Neil Allen以前的牛棚捕手. 這是他對王建民近況的看法, 大體上是根據Allen跟他的談話. 造假的可能性應該很低


search 留言 裡面的 randy l comment:

The only reason i have a feel for Wang is that I’m good friends with neil allen who taught wang the sinker in the first place. i sat down with neil in spring training last year and among other things we had a lengthy talk about wang.

唯一的原因我對王有感覺, 是因為我是Neil Allen(教王sinker)的好友. 我今年春訓跟Allen談了很多, 也花了很長的時間跟他聊王.

neil allen totally knows what makes wang tick. they have kept a close relationship. wang up until that time would call allen often. i’m not sure about now. the rays and the yankees are division rivals so it makes it difficult for a player from one organization to talk with a coach from another.

Allen完全知道怎樣能推動(tickpush the right button類似意思), 他們保持著很親的關係. 王以前也常常call Allen, 現在還有沒有不知道, 因為Allen現在是光芒隊的教練. 同分區的球隊, 球員教練互call會有難處.

i believe that any attempts to fix wang should go back to the basics that allen taught wang in the first place. wang’s sinker is a trick pitch more unique than other pitcher’s sinkers. “”He’s a weird pitcher, with an unusual approach,” says Nate Silver of Baseball Prospectus.

我相信任何人想要修正王, 都應該回到基本面. 王的sinker是一個很詭異的球路, 比其他投手的sinker都要獨特. Silver曾說過:”王是一個很奇怪的投手, 投球的方式也很不尋常.

because of this weirdness or uniqueness , the yankees have to be care what they fool around with. i will say it again .

因為其奇怪性或獨特性, 洋基要修改他都要特別小心.

here is what neil allen told me:

#1 he noticed that wang had the perfect arm slot to throw the sinker

#2 he showed him the sinker grip

#3 he shortened his natural long stride

that’s it. wang immediately had the devastating nasty sinker.


1. 他當初就是注意到王有個完美的出手角度跟位置投sinker

2. 他只是教王sinker的握法

3. 他教王把他投球時 自然的跨步把它縮短

就只有這樣! 王馬上就生出一顆致命的sinker!

when wang would call allen after a bad game, allen would remind him to keep his stride short.
he also told me that he would tell wang to go up and in on hitters who would cheat up on the plate trying to get to the sinker before it sunk. the red sox do this as a team. allen told me that if his catcher wouldn’t give him the location up and in to go up and in on his own.

當王在一場爛投後call Allen, Allen只會提醒他跨步短一點.

他也告訴我, 他會告訴王, 當打者趨前打擊, 想要趁sinker還沒掉之前攻擊時, 多投些內角高球逼退打者. 整個紅襪隊都是這樣打他! 而如果捕手不配內角高球, 王還是可以自己投.

the yankees have the challenge of getting wang back to the basics that created the sinker in the first place. we want a retro wang where he has the devastating sinker. neil allen’s instructions are very simple and very clear.

洋基的挑戰, 就是讓王回歸基本面! 我們要的是以前的王, 有那顆致命sinker的王! Allen的講法非常的簡單跟明白.

i don’t see why yankee coaches can’t get wang back to these basics and am confidant that they can. on the blog late last night came to a near consensus that wang is simply not in shape yet and is still affected by the foot injury and long layoff . the yankees may have simply miscalculated that wang was in shape and ready to pitch.

我不認為洋基教練團不能讓王回歸基本面, 我有信心他們做的到. 王可能只是單純的還沒準備好, 還被去年的腳傷, 跟太久沒投球所影響. 洋基可能只是單純的失算, 認為王已經準備好了

his velocity is not there. he’s about 3-4 mph low and his mechanics are all off. he’s totally fixable , and i’d advise people who are down on him to read the article i provided above to remember how good wang was.

他的球速還沒到位(: 我還是認為球速的問題跟4月有關), 他現在大概少了3-4 mph, 他的姿勢也全亂了. 但他完全可以被修好! 我會建議忘記王有多好的球迷們, 能看看上面連結的文章.

wang is way too good to not get him back to where he was. he’s an 80-100 million dollar pitcher when he’s at his best. you don’t give up on that kind of pitcher

王是個好到不可能不會回到他以前狀態的投手. 當他正常時, 他是個值八千萬到一億元身價的投手. 你不能放棄這種投手

nice slow video of wang when he was right. notice the low release point.

狀況好的時候的王的慢動作影片. 注意他的低放球點.

Good video about Wangs struggles


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