有一篇值得一讀的文章, 是紐約日報Mark Feinsand寫的:


節錄一些片段, 讓王建民的球迷們, 不要太早就太擔心...

We all know that Chien-Ming Wang has allowed 15 runs in his first two starts, but do you know who the last Yankees pitcher was that gave up 15 or more runs in his first two starts of a season?

It was David Cone. The year? 1998.

我們都知道王建民前2場掉了15分, 你知道誰是最後一個洋基投手, 開季前2場比賽掉15分或更多嗎?

是David Cone(前賽楊名投手), 在1998年球季.

For those that may not remember, Cone was 0-1 with a 14.90 ERA after those two dismal starts..... Cone went on to finish the season 20-7 with a 3.55 ERA, leading the American League in wins

But getting to that final ERA wasn’t easy for Cone after his awful start.....   his ERA still stood at 4.05 at the break.

對於已經忘記的球迷, Cone爆2場後的成績是0-1, 14.90 ERA.....  Cone最後以20-7, 3.55 ERA作收, 也是美國聯盟當年的最多勝.

但是前2場爛投後, 要把ERA弄到那麼低, 不是一件容易的事.....  他的ERA到明星賽時, 還是在4.05.

Considering Wang’s ERA is almost double what Cone’s was - it’s 28.93 after his two outings - it’s pretty difficult to imagine his ERA looking respectable for quite some time, no matter how well he throws from here on out.

I spoke with Cone for a while this morning, and his best advice for the Wanger is to forget about his ERA and just treat his next start as if it was his first of the year.

王建民現在的ERA幾乎是Cone當年的2倍, 很難想像短期內能變得好看一點, 不管王建民從現在開始投得有多好.

跟Cone聊了一下, 他給王建民最好的建議是: 忘掉ERAm 只要把下一場當成自己的第一場就好了...

More importantly, the first two starts of 1998 caused Cone to question his own ability. If a guy with 148 career wins, four All-Star appearances and a Cy Young Award can doubt his ability to get people out, what could a start like this do to a pitcher with less than four years of big-league experience?

“Doubt creeps in; you have to constantly prove yourself in this game because confidence is fleeting,” Cone said, having had a first-hand look at Wang from the YES broadcast booth on Monday. “The way he reacted on the bench the other night, he was unbelievably dejected. The guys need to rally around him and support him. This is where a pitching coach can really help, not so much with mechanics, but just to pump him back up and let him know he’s going to be fine. Just keep giving him the ball."

更重要的是, Cone當年的頭2場, 讓他懷疑他自己的實力. 如果當年一個拿過賽揚獎, 參加過4次明星賽, 當時已經有148勝的投手, 都會懷疑自己的實力... 那對於一個不滿4年大聯盟經驗的王建民呢?

Cone說: "自我懷疑會產生. 你在這個比賽中要不斷的證明你自己, 因為信心會來來去去... 那天比賽完, 看到王建民坐在休息區, 他真的很失落. 隊友需要支持他. 這就是投手教練真的可以幫忙的地方, 不在於投球姿勢, 而只是鼓舞他, 讓他知道他沒問題... 然後一直給他球讓他上場."

Cone pointed to the support he got from pitching coach Mel Stottlemyre as one of the things that helped him get through his rocky start, and he believes Eiland will play an equally important role in Wang’s recovery from this bumpy road.

“That was Mel’s strength, because he was so upbeat and positive all the time,” Cone said. “He always let me know, ‘You’re our guy and you’re going to keep getting the ball.’ Little things like that go a long way, because you ccan lose your confidence in a hurry and starts doubting yourself."

Cone說當年投手教練Mel Stottlemyre(王建民大聯盟第一個投手教練)給他的支持, 是他走出困境的重要因素之一. 而他也認為現在的投手教練Eiland也會在王建民走出目前困境中, 扮演重要角色.

Cone說: "(鼓勵投手)是Mel Stottlemyre的強項. 他永遠都很樂觀正面, 他總是讓我知道, 你是我倚重的投手, 你也會一直拿到球出賽. 像這種小小的鼓勵真得很有幫助. 因為你會很快的喪失信心, 開始懷疑自己.

分享這篇文章, 不是說王建民今年會像Cone當年一樣拿下20勝...  而是強調:    It happens...    即使是像David Cone這種大投手也會發生!  所以台灣的球迷也不要太早就失望了...

所以除了教練的幫忙外, 王建民最重要的是: 在他調姿勢的這段時間, 千萬不要還沒調好, 就先信心垮台...  這是他自己要注意的!

因為我還是篤信: 我這2場有看到他的turbo sinker(或許只是他"4月的sinker")...    IT'S THERE!!!

Stuff還在就好! 其他的需要時間...

當然, 王建民的自信心, 一定要先HOLD住!!!
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